Mystic Yoga
An all level yoga class built around elements of rhythmic movement, posture focused asana, as well as restorative and meditation practices. This is a well balanced class that offers guidance toward your inner teacher. We learn to practice the principles of yoga as they relate to our experience and translate them into the larger connected state of consciousness.

Vastu Yoga
Vastu Yoga is rooted in the teachings of Swami Sivananda, who was a former Indian medical doctor and guru to yoga practitioners around the world. An offshoot of traditional Sivananda Yoga, Vastu Yoga works all five elements of the body, moving through the chakra system in a meditative asana practice. Interwoven throughout the practice are pranayama and deep relaxation.

Restorative Bliss
In restorative yoga we work on reversing the “inprint” of our daily lives through series of poses that are supported by bolster pillows, blankets, blocks, chairs, etc. We explore the power of being present and letting go by holding the poses for the period of time and allowing the body to slowly relax and soften.

Deep Stretch (Yin Yoga)
Tight muscles can lead to a limited range of motion in our joints leaving us feeling restricted and sore in our bodies. Yin yoga helps bring more flexibility to our joints and our connective tissues. This brings a feeling of lightness to our bodies which can also bring a lightness to our thoughts. Poses are held for a few minutes at a time as we become more introspective. We use this time to heighten our awareness of self as we travel through the layers of skin to the soul. After all, it has been said that the “issues” lie in our tissues.

Patience Grasshopper
An alignment based class where we examine the subtle aspects of our bodies. When we begin to look at our challenges in poses we discover how we may be compensating in our bodies to achieve the pose. Then we are presented with an opportunity to re-pose and better understand how to bring ourselves back into balance. There is a subtle line between effort and ease as we attempt to find a more holistic view of our practice which leads us into a deeper meditative state. We utilize props so we may have a practical guideline to help our mind translate what the pose reveals to us and how it relates to our practice as an individual. Props give us reference allowing us to do more yoga and often times challenging our practice further in ways we couldn’t “see” before. It is a perfect class for beginners and experienced students alike as it gives each student time to feel what the pose should feel like in their own body and how to move forward with patience and confidence.

Core Restore
In this class we explore the interconnectedness of the body as a two way street between the axial and appendicular skeleton. Bringing the core back into stability requires reintroducing awareness in the relationship between the shoulder and hip girdles. They provide the framework between our spine and our limbs. We look to balance the muscles in their strength and flexibility around this framework. Specifically the various abdominal muscles (including the pelvic floor) and their relation to the muscles in the rest of the body as we attempt to bring the body into balance. Once we can begin to understand the basic principles of postural balance we can use our bodies in a way that supports the spine in hope of reversing the effects of working on our feet, working at a desk, carrying a child, or just plain gravity hanging on our shirt tails as we age. We only get one body, so we need to make sure we care for it. Suitable for beginners.