Here we have#virabhadrasana1 with red arrows showing us the directional flow. This is the standing pose that teaches us how to enter #backbends. First before we bust our hearts wide open and feel completely vulnerable we must firmly establish our roots. “Know where your feet are” my teacher #matthewsanfordwould say when I’m in the midst of an emotional upheaval. Notice in the beginning my front leg is not at a 90 degree angle but it is pressing a block into the wall. Over time as the legs and pelvic floor strengthen then the angle can be increased. More importantly is that the knee is directly over the ankle and there is little weight bearing down on the front leg. The back leg is the stabilizer as it roots down and gives a nice stretch along the front right side of the body, the thigh is rotating toward the midline and on fire?much like in#danurasana. Make sure that both hips face forward as best as you can. This pose feels much different than it looks and over the years I have been blown away by all of the fibers I can feel shifting around as I continue to practice this pose. Nobody becomes a #warrior overnight.